Theme Topics of Conference

  • Potential of millets as nutri-cereal: proven aspects.
  • Millets utilization in combination with other staple food crops to develop food alternatives.
  • Millet starch hydrolysis.
  • Bio-fortification and millet based functional foods.
  • Strategies for enhancing millet production and processing.
  • Climate resilient millets.
  • Efficient millet supply chain for better millet production, processing and distribution.
  • Strategies to make India a global hub for millet production.
  • Global production and consumption of millets.
  • Genetic enhancement of millets through crop improvement and genomic approaches.
  • Influence of pre-harvest factors on the processing quality of millets.
  • Post-harvest technology and management of millets.
  • Bulk storage and handling of millets.
  • Primary and secondary processing of millets.
  • Process chemistry and process engineering.
  • Effects of processing technologies on the nutritional quality of millet grains.
  • Technologies for millet value added products.
  • Conventional and non-conventional millet products.
  • Millet based dairy and meat analogues.
  • Branding elements and strategies for millet products.
  • Higher shelf life with proper packaging and branding & ready to use millet products .
  • Labeling and Regulations.
  • Marketing and market promotion of millets.
  • Domestic and global marketing.
  • Value addition and market linkages in millets.
  • Traditional/contemporary millets recipes .
  • Documentation of recipes and millet culture in India.
  • Partnership of hospitality industry in popularizing recipes.
  • Policies: National and international initiatives.
  • Harnessing and strengthening value chain of millets.
  • Entrepreneurship and startups for millet foods.
  • Policy intervention, socio economic research, supply chain management.
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